Healthy Living with Regular Sleep Patterns – Humans are social creatures who cannot be separated from their busy lives. Various activities are carried out from the lower, middle, or upper social groups.

Everyday that is lived sometimes makes many people neglect their physical condition. So a good sleep is needed to restore the energy that has been used throughout the day. The length of time a person need sleeps depends on their age, the more mature they are, the less time they sleep. However, sleep time that is considered good is for 6 to 8 hours. (Ministry of Health, 2016)

A good and enough sleep can increase creativity, thoroughness, mental and emotional structuring ability, and can maintain enthusiasm throughout the day. Biologically, sleep is also useful for rejuvenating the function of body cells and helping to improve the body’s metabolic function. (Hanifah, 2011)

Healthy Living with a Regular Sleep Pattern – When a person sleeps in times that is not sufficient for the amount they should need, the body will respond to these changes. The changes that occur will cause health problems such as increased body blood pressure, decreased immune response, increased body weight due to the lack of the hormone leptin produced, and an increased risk of coronary heart disease. In addition, lack of sleep can also cause loss of concentration while studying, loss of focus when driving, increased stress, older skin, and forgetfulness. (Ministry of Health, 2016)

There are several things you can do to get a healthy sleep pattern:

  • Time discipline, you should determine when you should sleep and when to wake up. Sleep experts believe a regular and regular sleep rhythm and schedule will make a positive contribution to healthy sleep.
  • Do regular exercise, this sport is believed to be a powerful remedy to neutralize physical and mental tension. The right time is morning or evening.
  • Pay attention to the condition of the bedroom, the comfortable atmosphere in the room will greatly determine the quality of sleep, so keep the room atmosphere comfortable.
  • Try not to eat before bed, because eating late at night or at bedtime can stimulate digestion and make it difficult for us to close our eyes. (Nurmansyah, 2009)

Even if work piles up and day-to-day matters aren’t finished, prioritize getting enough sleep for the sake of a healthy life. If your sleep patterns are consistent, you can get through tomorrow better and more energized. Plus, it can make you feel more positive and be proactive. Getting enough sleep is important for everyone, so if you experience a sleep disorder that can’t be treated, it’s best to consult your doctor so you can find the right solution.

Contributor: Nurul’aidha MD 4th semester student of Bachelor of Nutrition, FKM UI


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