Sport is an activity identic to teens till adult. What comes to our mind when we hear the word sports, what we imagine is the gym, running on the treadmill or lifting weights.  However, did you know that children also need activity such as sports? For children activities such as taking physical education classes at school, playing bicycles, or play chase is a form of sport (Gavin, 2018). In addition, you can also participate in sports with your children. Therefore, both parents and the children will benefit from sports. Before diving in further, lets discuss what is sports exactly?

Sport is a form of physical activity that is planned and structured, which involves repeated body movements and is aimed at improving physical fitness (Kemenkes RI,2006). From this understanding, we know that an activity can be said as a sport if its planned, structured, and carried out repeatedly. Exercising from an early age can provide many benefits to children including:

  1. Exercise that is vigorous, regular, and constant have a role in strengthening joints so that they will strengthen bones
  2. Control’s obesity due to an increase in energy expenditure
  3. Practice of rough motor skills (walking downstairs, walking backwards, jumping) and fine motor skills (hand eye coordination) will increase
  4. Providing opportunities for children to be able to move, to express themselves so that it will affect their intellectual development
  5. Physical activity can release emotional tension in an appropriate way so it will have a good impact on the emotional development of children


In an effort to adopt a good lifestyle for children, of course extra effort is needed. However, with the application of good habits at a young age, children will be used to with the physical activity they do later in life. One of the environments that has a big role in shaping this habit is family. In this case, the family should do activities together with the children so that the whole family can be active together. There are several activities that can be done together with the family and are divided into 4 categories:

  1. Daily movement: The activity is carried out through sports through daily activities such as using stairs and helping with gardening.
  2. Active Play: This activity is carried out by playing various games such as playing ball, chase, jump rope, trampoline, and others.
  3. Active transportation: This activity is carried out by walking or using a bicycle to go to school, park, or shop.
  4. Family activities: In addition to moving around the house or near the house, take your children together occasionally as also a chance to go to recreation activities. Some activities that can be done is taking a walk to the playground or traveling on bicycles together.


In order for children to be motivated to exercise, you as a parent must start it first. This is based on children seeing their parents as role models, meaning that by you being active in sports children will be motivated to do the same. If you’re child doesn’t like sports, try different activities available. Often finding the right activity for each child is a way out of this problem (Emma,2020). That why start exercising for yourself because with a little effort you will get a lot of benefits for you and your family.

Contributor: Dinda Elaphria P.B  6th semester student, Bachelor of Nutrition Program, Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia


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