How come 4 healthy 5 perfect is outdated? Yes, actually since 1955 the slogan “4 healthy 5 perfect” has been replaced with “balance nutrition guidelines”, but it cannot be denied the slogan “4 healthy 5 perfect” has stuck in the hearts of people. There it takes great effort to introduce and instill balanced nutrition guidelines to other people.

Balanced Nutrition Guidelines

The guidelines for balanced nutrition are the refinement of 4 healthy 5 perfect, which have been adapted to the development of science and technology (IPTEK) is the best solution to all nutritional problems that occur in modern times, both problems of malnutrition or excess nutrition.

The Differences

Then what is the difference between the concept of 4 healthy 5 perfect and balanced nutrition guidelines? Here are the 4 main differences between the two (Sahabat Negeriku, 2016)

  1. Message emphasis: The concept of 4 healthy 5 perfect only emphasizes the message to consume 4 types of food namely rice, side dishes, vegetables, and fruits with milk to complete it. While the balanced nutrition guidelines not only pay attention to the diversity of food, but also emphasizes message of having clean living habits, regular physical activities and monitoring normal body weight.
  2. Milk is no longer considered a perfector: In the concept of 4 healthy and 5 perfect, milk is considered as food ingredient that complements other type of food. Whereas in balanced nutrition guidelines, consumption of milk is included as a protein source food which no longer need to be consumed if protein intake has been fulfilled from other food ingredients such as eggs, meats, fish and so on.
  3. Portion explained: The concept of 4 healthy 5 perfect does not explain the portions of each type of food that must be consumed in one day.
  4. Importance of mineral water consumption: The slogan “4 healthy 5 perfect” does not convey the importance of consuming enough amounts of mineral water, whereas in the balanced nutrition guidelines it is stated that the average mineral water requirement is at least 2 liters or approximately 8 glasses per day.

Well, now it’s clear that many 4 healthy 5 perfect concepts were developed and refined into balanced nutrition guidelines. Therefore, it is time for us to move on from the concept 4 healthy 5 perfect to balanced nutrition guidelines for better health benefits.

Contributor: Choirun Nisa, 6th semester student of Bachelor of Nutrition Program, Faculty of Public Health University of Indonesia

Sehat Negeriku. 2021. Inilah Perbedaan “4 Sehat 5 Sempurna” Dengan “Gizi Seimbang”. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 13 April 2021].

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