Vegan milk or plantbase milk is being discussed and talked about by influencers and celebrity. Even now, there are many things that are bought and sold by small business owners that work from home. Hmm… I wonder why? And which is better with cow’s milk that is usually present at our dining table?

Types of Vegan Milk

Plantbase milk itself is a non-dairy milk made out of plant-based ingredients, mostly seeds or nuts such as soybeans, almonds, pistachios, rice, sunflower seeds and even coconut. Wow a lot! According to one Insta celeb who regularly consumes raw almond milk said the drink taste very delicious, the mixture of almonds and honey makes this drink perfect! Not too sweet, tasty, and still enjoyable. Raw almond milk, which is trending is one of the types of plantbase milk that is often found.

Vegan Milk vs Cow’s Milk

Vegan milk itself can be an alternative to cow’s milk for those of you who are lactose intolerant of cow’s milk. In addition, this vegan milk is easy to find and economical. Even though it is economical the nutritional content of vegan milk is not inferior to regular cow’s milk, it can even be said that vegan milk has similar nutritional qualities and is even higher. Vegan milk is superior to cows’ milk because vegan milk does not contain cholesterol and contains enough high enough fibre which is not obtained in cow’s milk.  Fibre is very good for facilitating digestion and defecation. In addition, the advantage of other vegan milk is that they tend to be low in carbohydrates and fat! this can really be an alternative to a diet!

Not only that, the vitamin and mineral content of vegan milk is quite a lot, want to know what? Come on look at the table

Nutrient contentFresh milk (Cow’s milk)Soy milkAlmond milkCoconut milkRice milk
Energy (kcal)614136,4348,75133
Carbohydrate (gr)4,351,321,1925,28
Fat (gr)3,52,52,714,382,33
Protein (gr)3,23,51,670,000,85
Vit A390,277,146067,5
Vit B1120,08
Vit B20,180,050,190,30
Vit C12
Vit D2,322,922,09

Nutritional composition of cow’s milk and several types of vegan milk. This value is based on 100ml of products.

Vegan milk that is derived from soybeans, although the protein content of methionine and cysteine ​​is lower than cow’s milk, the lysine content is high enough so that it can balance other foods. Soybean milk also contains phytochemicals that can nourish the body and lecithin which can act as a remedy for youth and increase endurance. Apart from soy milk, plantbase milk that is nutritious but still rare is sunflower seed milk or better known as Kuaci, but the ones used are those that are still unprocessed, not using processed crackers that have a salty taste. Sunflower seeds are a good source of unsaturated oils and are considered good for heart health.

Well, it turns out that there are many benefits of vegan milk. Not only is it rich in nutrients that are almost the same as regular cow’s milk, but vegan milk also tends to be low in calories and without cholesterol! wow, can this be a reference for cool healthy and nutritious drinks for your weekend!

Contributor: Imtinan Marsa Sancaya 5th semester student, Bachelor of Nutrition Program, Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia


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